Lotto24s is an online lotto site which allows players to play in state-licensed lottery games on the internet. The site offers a wide variety of products including lotto 6aus49, Spiel 77, Eurojackpot, Super 6, GlucksSpirale and lotto club. The company earns brokerage fees from the lottery operators it sells tickets to. The company also has an in-house lottery which is used to promote social projects.

The site is available in several languages and uses SSL encryption to protect player data. It accepts credit and debit cards, as well as wire transfers and e-wallets. In addition, the site has mobile apps for iPhone and Android users. In the past year, lotto24s has paid out over 1.2 million euros in winnings to customers. The largest winnings came from the Eurojackpot, which made 15 people millionaires. This is the highest amount ever awarded in a German lottery to date.

To participate in the Eurojackpot, players must create an account at LOTTO24 or Tipp24 and provide personal details such as their name, address, nationality, and date of birth. They can then choose their number combinations and submit their ticket online. The Eurojackpot jackpot starts at 90 million euros and grows as more tickets are sold. The top prize is 120 million euros, and the second-place winner receives 40 million euros.

In May 2022, a lottery club from North Rhine-Westphalia won 110 million euros, which made the members of the club millionaires. This was the biggest lottery win in the country to date and made the club one of the most successful ones.

Investors are bullish on the prospects for LO24 as it has delivered strong earnings in the past. In the near term, analysts project that the company will report triple-digit bottom line growth. This will drive a healthy return on equity. The table below shows a snapshot of the company’s financial health. It includes assets – what the company owns, liabilities – what it owes to others, and equity – the difference between the former and latter.