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Mhandee or henna is an application of a temporary form of skin decoration with a powdered extract from the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). This paste is used for decorative purpose, especially during Hindu wedding ceremonies and other religious festivals. It is also popular among Muslims in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. Henna is a cool, natural dye and a safer alternative to permanent tattoos.

The mehndi ceremony is a beautiful and joyful occasion, during which the bride and her female friends and family decorate her hands and feet with intricate patterns. This is an important tradition in most Indian cultures. In fact, the Mehndi is considered so important that a bride’s pre-wedding rituals would not be complete without it.

Mehndi is believed to bring good luck and fortune to a married woman. In Hindu culture, the Mehndi is a symbol of beauty and fertility. It is also a sign of love and respect between the couple. A common belief is that the groom can only see his name if he is able to find it within the complex Mehndi designs on the bride’s hand. It is also said that the inscriptions of her family members and friends in the Mehndi will help the bride to easily adapt into her new life.