Founded by Nancy Brown-Johnston, TripleWin Consulting is a global training and consulting company. TripleWin Consulting works with the industry’s highest levels to achieve sustainability through strategic sustainability measures. The company primarily operates in the Business Consulting, Engineering, Accounting, Research, and Management Services industry.

TripleWin Consulting’s mission is to produce a win for both the customer and the organization. The company uses a combination of approaches to ensure success.

Nancy Brown-Johnston has over 35 years of experience in change management, organization development, and training. She was Director of Training and Organization Development at Delphi Packard Electric, and is currently the co-owner of TripleWin USA. She lives in Tennessee with her husband Dean. She is also active in dog rescue.

Triple Win’s work based learning classes are designed to prepare students for the modern workforce. Students are given opportunities to gain skills through a combination of assessments, and receive compensation and placement. The classes focus on STEM education and entrepreneurship.

เว็บ triple win offers free technical preparation, language preparation, and placement assistance. The company also offers flexible training and school breaks. The company has an annual revenue of $128,169. It has two employees.

TripleWin’s products include an app for Android and iOS. It is developed for mobile platforms, and is also available for PC. The app is lightweight and easy to use. TRIPLEWIN can also download the app from the official website.

TripleWin has developed a Professional Development Program for HP Switzerland. The program was based on HP’s One HP philosophy, and was designed to help HP improve its customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, and retain key talent. It incorporates lessons from The Trusted Advisor, HP Way, and the One HP values.